Child, pencil and watercolor, 2015

Child, pencil and watercolor, 2015

A child

A being

An adult

In a cocoon

Of self-esteem

I fight for




Cows in the field

No more

Not blind folded

Not ready for slaughter


New world

02 22 2015


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  1. Marta, just siting in # 12 amerced in your art and poetry. I touches me – very very fine. I won’t bother you while you are working, but would be fun to discuss. This poem Child. What would you have to say about it; where it came from in you. Thank you for your cheer and help to us, and your intelligence and creativity which shines through and lingers on. Yours, John Hay. Talk to you later. John


    • John, thank you for taking time to look at and read through my art work. When I wrote “The Child” I was thinking of a new world where people will be brought up without the burdens that take away from self-esteem. I observe myself, my own children, and people around me, whom I meet every day, and I grieve that all of us must go through such pain to walk pass the debris that keeps us away from greatness. Imagine a human being surrounded by this invisible shield, a human being whose sole purpose is to grow, be creative in a field they chose, and a being who controls or dismisses fear, including the fear of death and final end. It would be beautiful to think that such a person is selective and chooses the path that is right. It very easy to get lost in the modern world and I hope for everyone to find their destination. Self esteem and the faith is greatness is the light house that guides us.


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