The circle begins and closes in Racine

Racine IL,  pencil

crisp winter day in Racine


we arrived

still holding hands

chips and fish

beer on the frozen marina

on the day

Shaimaa el-Sabbagh


we look

and ponder

the beauty of a simple day

on January 24th

March 12, 2015


I realized that the day I chose for simple pleasure, others would find inconsequential, was also the day on which the Egyptian activist Shaimaa el-Sabbagh, collapsed into the arms of a fellow protester in Cairo, shot. The shocking photograph circled the globe and once again I ask a question, how can I live and function, drink coffee, plan repairs to my bathroom, and complain about the indignities of life.

My son Jacob pragmatically stepped in and stood between me and the world. He said, sheltering me behind his manly developed young body that I am free to enjoy my early morning coffee. I can plan my very nice bathroom without guilt, because now, it’s up to him and his sister Margot to change the future.

On the day my fifteen year old son said these words the mysterious circle of life found its beginnings, closed in a perfect shape.

I am my son and he is I… I am Shaimaa and she will not be forgotten and live through my son.

We are all one…

Racine oil

“Racine” abstract painting does not reflect the season I have visited. By the time I approached and finished the painting, it grew to represent a season of hope and renewal. The green exploded without second thought to represent the joy and privilege of a simple experience on a simple day.


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